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sri varaha swamy temple tour packages

Sri Varaha Swamy Temple Tour Package from Chennai

Varaha Swamy

Varaha swamy is that the first deity to be visited in Tirumala. he's also called ‘Shweta Varahaswamy’. As per the custom of Tirumala kshetra, the Tirumala yatra are going to be considered complete only after visiting Varahaswamy first, perform pooja and make offerings to him. Only then the devotees should visit Lord Venkateswara. this is often also the treaty of the Lord that he had made with Varahaswamy. The place got the name Varahakshetra.


‘Varahakshetra’ is an ancient time for Tirumala. In the ages past the mountain where Sri Varaha swami came to after saving the earth from the seas with his fangs is Venkatachalam.Vallabha Pillar Lord Vishnu assumed the Boar avatar to rescue Bhu Devi from the demon Hiranyaksha. The legend says that Lord Venkateswara resided here with the permission of Bhuvaraha swami. The tradition is that, the Prasadam is being offered to Varahaswami first and next to Lord Srinivasa.Here may be a pillar called ‘Vallabha Pillar’. Sri Varaha Swami stands together with his leg upraised and holds Bhu Devi in His arms during this temple.

Tarigonda Vengamamba narrated the conversation between Varaha Swami and Srinivasa in her book “Venkatachala Mahatmyam”, Venkateswara prayed to Varaha Swami asking him to point out the place to reside until the top of Kali Yuga. “I won’t give the land without money,” said Varahaswami. When Venkateswara prayed Bhuvaraha Swami agreed.

Bhu Varaha Swamy Temple

Special Abhishekam is performed per annum, to the presiding deity within the holy month of Shravana, with the arrival of the Shravana star on the auspicious occasion of Varaha Jayanthi.

The horns that come later are stronger and more powerful than the ears that come earlier.True to this proverb, Venkateswara who came late has become more important than Varahaswami. In due course of your time , visiting Varahaswami before the darshan of Lord Venkateswara procured as prime.

Darshan Timings

Monday to Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

Morning 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Friday: Morning 6:30 AM to 9:00 PM

Jnanamaya Kosha

One who worships this God enters the Jnanamaya Kosha. subsequent stage are going to be Anandamaya Kosha which may be automatically achieved by a Sadhaka. One epigraph published in 1454. Salivahanasaka (AD. 1532) Manmatha Nama Samvatsara Vaishakha Poornima details the services of Tallapaka Pedda Tirumala Iyengar son of Vaggeyakara Annamacharya. Best tirupati package from chennai.

It is three copies two in Telugu and one in Tamil grantha lipi (script). These are on the walls of the doorway gopura. (Padikavali gopuram).The inscription Vividly describes the services rendered by the Author poet in Seesa malika Vritta. this is often the sole inscription of pedda Tirumala Iyengar which is in Telugu. All the opposite inscriptions of this Sankeerthana kartha are in Tamil.


Temple Renovation

When the reconstructed temple became wiped out , the Moolaberam (Moola Vigraha) was kept within the Narasimha Swamy enclosure of Venkateswara swamy temple for 12 years. within the 20th century, Mahanth prayagadasji desahu renovated the temple and reconsecrated the Lord Bhu Varaha swamy the newly constructed Garbhagriha.The idol was at a lower level. In 1982, a Balalaya was erected and therefore the Moola Murthy was delivered to a better level above the ground; and a ‘Jatabandha’ (fixing the idol strongly) was done.

Gates and Positions

In the north-west corner of Swamy Pushkarini facing the east stands Varahaswamy Temple. The Temple door hospitable the north. First, we encounter the Mukhamandapa with its doors opening to the east. But this gateway are going to be opened on the special day of Chakrasnana (bathing the Sudarshana Chakra within the waters of swamy pushkarini). From Mukha mandapa one enters Antharala of the Temple wherein one can see an inner Pradakshinapatha.

After Antharala there's alittle ‘Sukhanasi’ interior chamber where the Jayavijayas are standing. Devotees need to substitute this inner chamber to ascertain the God Bhuvaraha swamy within the Garbhagriha, who is handling facing north and having Bhudevi on his left-hand side. He stands on a pedestal of two feet height.

The upper two hands hold the Chakra and Sankha. There are small idols of (Panchaloha) Srinivasa, a reproduction of the Moola Vigraha ‘Bhuvaraha’ and a few Salagramas. But no utsava murthy (processional deity) comes out on the streets.The God is worshiped thrice each day consistent with Vaikhanasa Agama regulations. this is often done earlier thereto of Venkateswara swamy temple.


The Pushkarini ahead of the Temple may be a rectangular one and has a Madhya mandapa (Neerali mandapa). The half the Pushkarini towards the Venkateswara swamy temple is Srinivasa Teertha. The front side of Varaha swamy temple is varaha teertha. Srinivasa Teertha has wells and called by the names of dikpalakas and Saraswathy. All the Theerthas are combined to form an enormous pushkarini.

Varaha Swamy Temple


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    Half the package amount is considered as advance amount.

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    No, Ticket amount cannot be refunded because Tirupati special entry tickets cannot be postponed or cancelled .

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    Yes, We always confirm the darshan tickets over Email or Whatsapp .

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    100% confirmed balaji darshan , Our driver will act as a guide in tirupati, in this hectic lifestyle in just one day you can take the darshan with our customized Itinerary.



Avadi, Tirupati tirumala Srivari Padalu Timings, Entry Fee & History Location Distance. TTD Srivari Padalu place very attractive with trees, flowers, greenery occupies everything. The road to the present place from the foremost temple of Tirumala Tirupati temple can lead more happiness. Temple is extremely scenic with a dense forest filled with inexperienced vegetation shows Village mark with culture.

There are many cabs, Personal transport services, zeeps out there to the present place from the foremost temple place, each shared and private . Pilgrims got to climb 300 odd steps to realize this divine spot. Divine footprints of Lord Venkateswara Swamy are often seen on the rocky surface of Capitol Hill . Large-scale foot marks. Pilgrims can reach the location after climbing quite 300 steps and offer prayers.

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