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Srivari Padalu ,Tirumala Tour Package from Chennai

Srivari Padalu

Srivari Padalu, Srivari Padukalu Situated within the mid-forests, on the height of Narayanadri hill range placed.

Sri Vari Padalu Divine footprints at Tirumala Tirupati. Sri Vari Padalu Foot Print is one among important pilgrimage of Tirumala. If your new TTD Temple for the primary visit must visit Srivari Padalu. visited by many devotees from every corner of the country. Observed sanctum , divine acipious place.

Srivari Padalu timings- 6.00AM – 6.00PM

There is a legend behind this temple which associates this place to Lord Vishnu when he had arrived within the sort of Lord Venkateswara. As per Hindu mythology, Puranas heard many various sorts of stories. Consistent with Vedas/Puranas ‘Srivari Padalu’ is that the place where Lord Venkateswara Swamy first set his feet on one among the seven hills namely ‘Narayanagiri’. To go to private Padalu, Pilgrims need to climb 300 odd steps to succeed in this divine spot from Tirupati.

Srivari Padalu- Holy feet of Lord Venkateswara

There are seven hills in Tirumala, the very best of the peaks behind the most temple of tirumala is Narayanagiri.History of Sri vari Padalu states that lord srinivasa first set his feet on this peak after leaving vaikuntam.Hence the name, Srivari padalu. The feet of Narayana are carved out on his hill. This peak offers a gorgeous bird's eye view of all the tirumala hills.One cannot afford to miss it.

Footprints of Lord venkateswara Swamy are evident within the rockysurface of Capitol Hill .Pilgrims can reach the location by climbing around 300 steps and offer prayers.Usually devotees climb to succeed in Srivari Padaluand make offerings of coconut and do pooja.

History About Srivari Padhalu

Srivari padhalu may be a more authentic place, Usually, devotees climb to succeed in Srivari Padalu and make offerings of coconut and perform puja special arrangements with Food items. However, the access has been facilitated by the TTD Board.

Srivari Padalu is that the spot on the Tirumala hill shrine where the lord of Seven Hills, Top view Narayana hills located. Lord Venkateswara had set his foot when he decreased from Vaikuntam. First feet on earth. “Srivari Padalu”, in English means “Lord Venkateswara’s Feet.Srivari Padalu is found on a peak within the mid-forests of Narayanadri hill range where the mythological deity is claimed to possess left his ‘foot imprints’ on the rocky surface, large scale, we will check epic mark.

Some 5 km from the Srivari TTD Main Temple and is one the choicest destinations of pilgrims to Tirumala. An outsized number of devotees visited daily. Devotees throng the venue and vie with one another to the touch the feet surface and sometimes break coconuts in display their reverence and piety to the deity. Offering flowers, fresh leaves.

As per History, Lord Sri Venkateswara came to Tirumala in search of his wife Sri Maha Lakshmi. the primary place to go to leaves his mark with foot print. She had reverence towards the sage Brigu Maharshi, albeit the sage had insulted him by kicking him on the chest, the place where his wife Sri Mahalakshmi was there. Srivari Padalu may be a very precious place divine. Lord Balaji tread on these hills and now it's calling as SRIVARI PADALU.

TTD Srivari Padalu

Basic information regarding First-time visits. Srivari Padalu is found in Tirupati. Srivari Padalu is about 5Kms from TTD Tirumala main temple. It's believed that Lord descended on the world for the primary time Make Srivari Padalu a centerpiece of your Tirupati vacation itinerary. On Lord divine feet are worshiped at now on Capitol Hill .Beautiful top view of the temple town ‘Tirumala main Temple’ is extremely delightful to observe eye feast to observe . It's located almost the Silathoranam park area.Best tirupati package from Chennai.

TTD Srivari Padalu place has been mentioned within the Vedas, Puranas and other important scriptures of Hindu religion. Hindu devotees followed all procedures divinely. consistent with the mythological history of Sri Vari Padalu, it's the very place where Lord Venkateswara set his feet first on Tirumala place. Sapthagiri hills, Nandavanam and Narayana hills. It's the primary place on the Narayanagiri Hills, one among the seven divine hills, where his sacred feet touched the bottom for the primary time. Narayanagiri Hills is claimed to be the very best hill among all the Tirumala Hills.


Timings for Srivari Padalu

SriVari Padalu Tirumala directions from Sila Thoranam, Distance between Tirumala and Srivari Padalu is 6 km or 3.7 miles or 3.2 nautical miles as per Google maps. The 10-minute walk from Sila Thoranam one involves crossroads, one road resulting in Dharmagiri and therefore the other to the very best peak on the Tirumala Hills, the Narayanagiri. visiting hours. At some point tirupati tour package from chennai.

Foot prints of Lord Venkateswara Swamy are evident within the rocky surface. Thanks to some unforeseen situations, changes in climate, amid exposure to harsh weather led to slight damage of the relic Srivari padhalu. due to this, TTD, liable for its and other religious sites, taking care precautions maintenance and preservations, has led to some changes. Now the divine footprints of the Lord Venkateswara are enclosed during a glass frame, devotees can see through glass mirror. Positioned on a stable rock foundation.

The common practice of breaking coconuts as how of offering prayers to the Lord has also been shifted to a replacement location nearby. For visiting, Sri Vari Padalu timings are from 6 within the morning to six in evening Reach padala mandapam. Here mentioned steps to the way to reach srivari padalu designation. RTC Buses available from CRO Office. Paid private taxes also available.

Pilgrims going for Tirupati Balaji darshan, often visit here to supply their prayers here and seek the blessing of the Lord Vishnu. Very near thanks to Main temple, private cabs also available devotees can easily visit both the shrines on an equivalent day of their Tirupati Tour.Along side its immense religious importance, this place also presents captivating natural beauty with greenery.

Srivari Padalu location, Distance Google Maps

Distance matters, near stations railways stations At a distance of 4 kilometers from Tirumala bus terminal & 5 km from kilometer from Tirumala Tirupati Main Balaji Temple. Lord is claimed to possess skilled Sila Thoranam place. Know more about Sila Thoranam !! Natural arch to succeed in the place where the temple is found .Is closely located at sila thoranam. Lord Narayana Foot prints available here, devotees can visit the place at the highest of Narayanagiri ills of the divine sight. Srivari Paadalu also mentioned as Holy feet of the Lord Vishnu.Best tirupati package from Chennai.

The attractive Tirumala Tirupati Main temple advanced and therefore the city is completely disclosed from this spot. Top view close thanks to cover all hills places. The Srivari Paadalu now’s protected with glass frame on a firm stone platform and pilgrims cannot touch the footprints directly.

SriVari Padalu Tirumalam


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    Half the package amount is considered as advance amount.

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    An Whatsapp Number- 9399399399 and an Email: helpdesk@tirumala.org .

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    No, Ticket amount cannot be refunded because Tirupati special entry tickets cannot be postponed or cancelled .

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    Yes, We always confirm the darshan tickets over Email or Whatsapp .

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    100% confirmed balaji darshan , Our driver will act as a guide in tirupati, in this hectic lifestyle in just one day you can take the darshan with our customized Itinerary.



Avadi, Tirupati tirumala Srivari Padalu Timings, Entry Fee & History Location Distance. TTD Srivari Padalu place very attractive with trees, flowers, greenery occupies everything. The road to the present place from the foremost temple of Tirumala Tirupati temple can lead more happiness. Temple is extremely scenic with a dense forest filled with inexperienced vegetation shows Village mark with culture.

There are many cabs, Personal transport services, zeeps out there to the present place from the foremost temple place, each shared and private . Pilgrims got to climb 300 odd steps to realize this divine spot. Divine footprints of Lord Venkateswara Swamy are often seen on the rocky surface of Capitol Hill . Large-scale foot marks. Pilgrims can reach the location after climbing quite 300 steps and offer prayers.

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