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Tiruchanoor Padmavathi Temple Seva Timings, Ticket Cost.

Daily Sevas
Seva Name Entry for Seva Timings Ticket Cost
Suprabhatham 1 Man5:00 am 3:30 am
on Fri
Sahasra Namarchana 1 5:30 am 4:00 am on Fri Rs.25
Padmavathi Parinayam
5 10:30 am Rs.500
Unjal Seva 2 5:00 pm Rs.116
Ekantha Seva 1 9:00 pm Rs.25
Kumkum Archana 2 During Sarva Darshanam Rs.200
Quick Darshan 1 During Sarva Darshan Rs.40
Special Entrance 1 During Sarva Darshan Rs.10
V.I.P Entrance 1 During Sarva Darshan Rs.100
Permanent Sevas
Seva Name Entry for Ticket Cost
Saswatha Nitya Archana 2 Rs.1650
Saswatha Unjal Seva 2 Rs.1160
Weekly Sevas
Seva Name Day Entry for Timings Ticket Cost
Astadala Pada
Monday 5 6:45 am Rs.1500
Ekantha Seva Monday 5 7:00 am Rs.3000
Vastralankara Seva Friday 2 5:30 am Rs.10000
Abhishekam Friday 1 5:30 am Rs.400
Abhisheka Anantara
Friday 1 6:30 am Rs.10
Lakshmi Pooja Friday 1 9:00 am Rs.116
Pushpanjali Seva Saturday 5 6:45 am Rs.1500
Sahasra Deepalankara Seva Friday 5 5:00 pm Rs.50
Monthly Sevas
Seva Name Day Entry for Timings Ticket Cost
Astottara Satha
1st Wednesday
Every month
2 6:45 am Rs.2000
Annual Sevas
Seva Name Month Entry for Ticket Cost
Vasanthotsavam May 2 Rs.300
Pavitrotsavam September 2 Rs.1500
Lakshmi Kumkum
Ankurarpana day of
2 Rs.1116
Pushpayagam Panchami Theertham
Next day
2 Rs.500
Vara Lakshmi
August 2 Rs.500
Birth of Padmavathi Amman(Mahalaskshmi )

Akasharaja grew up to be a handsome and wise prince. He married Dharanidevi.The royal couple was sad because they had no children. A king called Akasa Raju saw the valley between the Seshachalam Mountains and Mallayapalli hills and the plains below into which holy waters of the river Swarnamukhi flowed.

He wished to perform a sacrifice here for progeny. On the advice of priest, Akasharaja decided to perform a yagna. When the sacrificial ground was ploughed, the couple found a lovely girl in a thousand petal lotus.Chennai to tirupati car packages.

A divine voice urged the king to bring up the child with love and care. The child was named Padamavati as she was found in a lotus (Padma). As he tilled the land, a thousand petaled lotus flowers emerged from it. The king found a female child in the lotus. Since she was found in a lotus flower- padmam- she was named Padmavati. The deity at Tiruchanuru is also called Padmavati.

Puranas hail that Srinivasa did penance for 12 years because of which Sri Mahalakshmi was born in the golden lotus. That is the reason for which this tank is known as Padmasarovaram. On its bank stands the temple of Surya Built by the God Venkateswara himself.

Vakshasthala Vyuha Lakshmi

The Goddess Alamelumanga whom they praised is the Vakshasthala Vyuha Lakshmi i.e. the goddess who resides in the heart of Sri Venkateswara. Now Goddess Padmavathi is being considered as Vira Lakshmi.It became imperative to spread the message that whether she is called Goddess Padmavathi Devi or Alamelu Manga – both refer to but one and the same Goddess to dispel doubts in the minds of pilgrims, and to worship her.Tirupati tour package from chennai.

Names of this place

Thirukkadavuru – Alarmel Mangapuram – Alamelu Mangapuram – Tiruchanuru – Tiruchchokinuru – Tirusu Kanuru – Vadirajapuram – Mangapatnam – such are the many names of this place. The presiding deity is Padmavathi Devi called as Alamelu Manga.

Plavotsavam, Varalakshmi Vratam

Plavotsavam: During the Plavotsavam all 3 gods are taken on boat ride on consecutive days. On the first day it is Lord Krishna, on the second day it is Sundararaja Swami and for the rest of the three days it is Goddess Padmavathi who goes on a boat ride.One day tirupati tour package from Chennai by car.

Vasantotsavam: During Vasantotsavam festival of spring, the Goddess is taken out in the golden chariot. Navaratri festival is also celebrated in the temple. On Gokulashtami special worship is offered to Balarama and Krishna.

List of Festivals:

  • Navarathri Festival(Dasara)
  • Kartheeka Brahmotsavam
  • Float festival
  • Vasanthotsavam
  • Rathasapthami

Chennai to Padmavathi Amman Temple Packages:

Why Padmavathi is not with Lord in Tirumala

The legends about the deity Alamelumanga are numerous. When the newlyweds reached Tirumala, the God asked his consort to look for vepa and Karivepaku trees. When she could not find any, he told her to fetch at least a karivepaku plant. Mother got angry and went in search, deciding to stay in Alimelu Mangapuram, as the Padma tank was her birthplace. When she did not return, Lord Srinivasa did not insist on her coming back, leading to worn-out footwear from his many trips. Chennai to Tirupati packages.

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At midnight, the Lord visits Alipiri, dons footwear in the Padala Mantapam, checks on Alamelu's well-being, and then leaves his footwear at Alipiri before heading to Tirumala for the Suprabhata Seva. Srinivasa lives on the Seven Hills in ‘Ananda Nilaya,’ while Alamelu Manga resides in ‘Shanti Nilaya’ at Tiruchanur due to her palace sinking from excessive benevolence. Swami stands armed in the temple, making it hard for devotees to express their concerns, while Alamelu sits on a lotus, inviting them to share their wishes. She ensures their pleas reach her husband, reminding him of her significance, which leads Swami to grant her requests, acknowledging her greater benevolence. Thus, Lord Srinivasa has been fulfilling the wishes of devotees with a smile, thanks to Alamelu Manga Mata of Tiruchanur.



  • 1. Why padmavathi temple is at Tirupati?

    Padmavathi Temple is the temple dedicated to Goddess Padmavathi or Alamelumanga, the consort of Lord Venkateswara.

  • 2.Should I visit Balaji temple or Padmavati temple first?

    The Padmavati temple is a must visit for devotees of Balaji, it is believed that the Balaji's darshan is incomplete without darshan of padmavathi devi. So after Balaji"S Darshan one is suppose to go for Padmavati Devi's Darshan

  • 3. Is Tiruchanur and alamelu Mangapuram same?

    Tiruchanur (also known as Alamelu Mangapuram, Chirtanur) is a census town in Chittoor district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

  • 4. How far is Padmavathi temple from Tirumala?

    It is 20km far, It takes around 1 hour from Padmavathi Amman Temple to Tirupati Balaji Darshan.

  • 5.How many km From Tirupati to Kalahasti?

    37 Kms Distance Between Tirupati to Sri Kalahasti



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